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10143-8-8-43 series crimping hydraulic hose fittings

Gemco 43 series hose fittings is renowned for its ease of assembly, wide selection of shape and end formations, hose compatibility, and extensive use across markets. Among them, the 10143-8-8 type is produced according to the Parker standard and is mostly used in the hydraulic system of large machinery.

Gemco’s 10143-8-8-43 series crimping hydraulic hose fittings adopt one-piece structure, commonly use the carbon steel and stainless steel material, the surface of carbon steel connector use the galvanized coating, which can ensure the using life of the product in harsh environments and safe to use.


These hydraulic hose fittings are used with 1SN, 2SN, 1SC, 2SC, R3, R4 and other hydraulic hoses, the contecting size is 1/2 inch, and the thread shape is male.

The commonly used hose couplings for 43 series are compatible with petroleum-based hydraulic oils and lubricating oils, and phosphate-based hydraulic oils. Among them, 10143-8-8, 10143-6-6, and 10143-10-10 are the most common types of construction machinery. Gemco do the testing in every link of production, which greatly guarantees the using safety of product, which is the reason Gemco’s integrated hydraulic joints have won unanimous praise from customers all over the world.



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