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Classification of Gemco Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Hydraulic hose fittings are rich in classifications , and in order to make a hose fitting adapt to different hoses, and to be effective and safe, hydraulic connectors must meet the pressure requirements and flow applications and work with the correct hose. It must also work with the correct fitting for the hose being used and install the fitting properly onto the hose.

Gemco continuously accumulates production experience and continuously invests in R&D and technology.

hydraulic hose fitting

hydraulic hose fitting

That’s why our products not only outperform industry standards, they exceed customers’ demanding expectations and we provide OEM hydraulic system solutions with hydraulic hose and fittings through professional partners around the world.

The main function of the hose fitting is to connect different hydraulic components so that these hydraulic components form a closed-loop hydraulic system.

Hydraulic hose fitting are mainly divided into: crimped hose fittings, reusable fittings, push-in fittings, etc.

Crimped hose fittings are the most commonly used hose assembly fittings in some large construction machinery, such as 43 series crimped hydraulic hose fittings 10143, 1JC43, 10643 and Among our hot-selling products are the 101HY, 107HY in the HY series 。

Crimp Hose Fittings

Crimp hose fittings

Crimp hose fittings

The buckle hose fitting is mainly composed of furrules, cores, nuts (nuts are optional) and other parts.
After the furrules, cores and nuts are assembled, they are evenly squeezed through the eight-stage crimping machine, and then the hose fitting undergoes a certain degree of plastic deformation, so that the hose fitting and the hose become a “whole body”. We recommend this type of fittings to be used together with EN856 4SP, 4SH and other high-pressure hoses of Gemco’s sister company ZMTE.

Reusable fittings

reusable fittings

reusable fittings

The reusable hose fitting compresses the hose through the male fitting, so that the hose is tightly pressed against the inner cone of the connector ferrule, forming a connection with greater bonding force.

Push on fittings

push-on fittings

push-on fittings

A push on fitting is a hose coupling that allows quick and easy hose assembly on the spot without the need for special tools.

I hope my introduction can give you a better understanding of Gemco, an excellent manufacturer of hydraulic hose fittings.

We uses all standard automation equipment to produce world-class high quality hydraulic hose fittings, hydraulic adapters, high pressure ball valves, quick couplings and hose assemblies such as flanges and clamps.

Gemco has introduced the advanced surface treatment technology such as galvanization, galvanized nickel, etc. Compared with SAE J514 standard, Gemco hydraulic pipe fittings can remain rust-free for a longer time in the salt spray test, and has remarkable corrosion resistance.

Each batch of products has been strictly checked by the quality inspection department from production to finished products to ensure product quality.

At present, we have tens of millions of accessories in stock, which can meet the daily delivery.

Trust us, high quality hydraulic hose assemblies and fittings from Gemco will make your industrial hydraulic system more efficient and productive.



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