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What is a hydraulic adapter?

The adapter is often used in our hydraulic system, so what is a hydraulic adapter? Gemco takes everyone to get acquainted.

What is a hydraulic adapter?

Adapters are hydraulic connectors that allow fluid to pass between hoses and pipes in hydraulic systems.

Its role is precisely to adapt to the assembly between pipes or hoses of different sizes. Adaptors can be used with different types of hose fittings to prevent leakage and promote the perfect combination of components.

Hydraulic adapters are generally made of carbon steel or stainless steel and do not require welding. They are available with different types of threads and are compatible with several other elements, making their application safer.

Gemco Hydraulic adapter

hydraulic adapter

hydraulic adapter

Gemco has a complete range of hydraulic adapters with a wide variety, produced by the Chinese manufacturer, which meets the high quality standards required by the international market.

BSI standard adapter


BSI 5200 standard adapters are traditionally used in high pressure systems and be sealed by contact between metal surfaces without deformation of the individual components.

Adapters with NPTF, BSPP or BSPT threads are available in this series. Also, there are models that combine ends with other threads, such as ORFS or SAE.

ORFS standard adapter


ORFS standard adapters follow ISO 8434-3 and SAE J1453 standards and they are used in high pressure hydraulic systems.

It seals through contact between the metal surface and the O-ring on top of the ORFS thread. Some of their models combine ends with other types of threads

SAE standard adapter


In the seris of SAE adapters, the most popular series are: JIC 37° adapters, which meets ISO 8434-2 and SAE J514 standard, usually used in high voltage systems

A JIC seal is a mechanical fit, made by the contact between two metal surfaces without any deformation of the parts.

Finally, you may already have a basic understanding of what is a hydraulic adapter. Gemco provides adapters with different threads such as BSP, JIS, and JIC, and in carbon steel and stainless steel, which are corrosion-resistant and leak-proof.

Feel free to download our adapter catalog for more details.download



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