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JIC Connections

JIC connections, manufactured according to ISO 8434-2, commonly found in carbon steel and stainless alloys, are fastening connections with UN/UNF type parallel threads. A 37 degree taper is on corresponding fittings. Sealing is achieved by establishing contact between the cones of the male part and the cones of the female part, usually used in medium and high pressure systems. However, there are certain limitations when applied to systems with high vibration rates. The meeting of two completely metal surfaces is called a metal-to-metal seal and is a completely mechanical connection.

JIC fittings

JIC fittings

Advantages of JIC connection:

  • JIC connections,Used commonly and broad market.
  • JIC does not use O-rings, making it more popular in high temperature applications.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Capable of complete sealing at low torque levels.
JIC 37° hydraulic fitting

JIC 37° hydraulic fitting

Disadvantages of JIC connection:

  • The pressure rating of the hydraulic hose fittings for this connection is medium to high.
  • Metal-to-metal seal design limits their use in hydraulics and can only withstand light to moderate vibration in most applications.
  • The connection method is simple and the structure is compact, so it is easy to overtighten during installation or maintenance.
  • JIC is easily damaged and cracked by overtightening.
  • It has limited reusability due to metal-to-metal seal type.

The above is summarized by Gemco about JIC connection. We provide customers with different sizes of JIC threaded hose connectors. Welcome to consult at any time.



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