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Corrosion resistance of Gemco’s hydraulic fittings – Industry Quality Controller

The corrosion resistance of hydraulic connectors is one of the most basic criteria for measuring the hydraulic product. As the quality controller of the hydraulic industry, Gecmo has been continuously exploring and improving the corrosion resistance standards of hydraulic accessories for many years

Corrosion is a key issue in extreme marine, mining, industrial and mobile applications, and many other markets, and can cause direct and indirect economic loss. In this regard, we have higher requirements for the corrosion resistance of hydraulic connector fittings.

Now, after more than 10 years of continuous exploration and development, Gemco machinery production equipment continuous iteration update, greatly improved the standard corrosion resistance of hydraulic fittings. The product has been upgraded from the original SAE standard of 72 hours for salt spray test to the standard of 400 hours within control, which is the baseline standard of our production.

Corrosion resistant fittings

Corrosion resistant fittings

For example, 10143-8-8, 10643-10-10 and other one piece fitting, commonly used in construction machinery produced by Gemco, or adaptors such as JIC and BSP, as well as hydraulic products such as high-pressure ball valves and two-pieces, all conform to the latest SAE standard salt spray test.

However, we have not stopped innovating. We have summed up our past experience and introduced zinc-nickel plating technology. This surface treatment technology can keep Gemco’s hydraulic fittings free of rust for nearly a thousand hours in the salt spray test. Compared with the standard of SAEJ514, it has remarkable corrosion resistance.

For example, the PT type flat quick connector, we will use the latest new nickel plating technology, even if this product is used in a highly corrosive working environment such as marine engineering, it can still maintain a high quality.

hydraulic fittings

hydraulic fittings

Excellent Corrosion Resistance Advantages

  • Less corrosive, longer durability
  • Reduce spare parts replacement and downtime of host equipment, and improve work efficiency
  • No impact on adjacent parts, low maintenance cost
  • It has higher wear resistance and handling resistance

Of course, Gemco hydraulic fittings not only have excellent corrosion resistance, but also retain torque value, friction coefficient, pressure grade, color and other key specifications that are important to customers to ensure a more stable hydraulic fluid transport carrier for hydraulic equipment and provide safe and effective connection solutions for your hydraulic system.



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