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Hydraulic hose assembly OEM solution

Hydraulic hose assembly OEM solution is the ultimate support we want to provide to our customers. After decades of development, Gecmo provides complete hydraulic hose assemblies.

In order to support the fluid applications of various customers around the world. Gemco provides a complete series of low, medium and high pressure hose assemblies, including a series of applications such as construction machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery and port machinery.

Gemco can provide corresponding OEM solutions, and the design and manufacture of hose assemblies can meet and even exceed SAE, ISO, EN and JIS industry standards.

complete production line:

As a hydraulic assembly manufacturer, we are able to provide complete production of hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies, all of which comply with industry standards.

Once model and requirements of the hose assembly are given, we can provide products that meet the customer’s expectations or even beyond

Experts in hydraulics:

Gemco has decades of experience in the production of hydraulic hoses, hose fittings and related hydraulic connectors.

Our products are used all over the world and they are running well. We have received unanimous praise. Good service and high-standard quality are our foundationStrict quality control system:

During the decades of hose assembly production, Gemco has continuously updated advanced testing equipment to supervise the production and testing of our hose assemblies to meet the specific requirements of each customer.



Professional team support:

We are equipped with a professional engineer team to help each customer solve the problems encountered in the process of installation and use. Professional guidance can make your installation efficient and can effectively extend the service life of related hydraulic products.

Protection Options:

According to different operational environments. Gemco engineers have developed ultra-flexible series and hose assemblies with excellent wear resistance and high pulse pressure.

In addition, Gemco offers hose protection (spiral guard protection, guard protection, etc.) to help extend the life of hoses and components.



tailored-made packaging:

A wide variety of customized packaging options can provide corresponding choices for different customers. Allowing customers to obtain final products that are suitable for the market, and there is no worry about secondary sales.

Customization includes:
  • Package
  • Label
  • Logos
  • Instructions

If you want to obtain an overall solution suitable for your hydraulic fluid system, please consult us, and we will answer you at any time



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