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Measures to solve the leakage in the hydraulic system

Hydraulic system leakage is a common phenomenon in some large construction machinery.

In order to solve the leakage problem in the hydraulic system, Gemco Hydraulic has summarized some measures based on many years of experience in the industry and share them with you

Causes of hydraulic system leakage:

  • caused by design and manufacturing defects
  • Shock and vibration cause the loosening of pipe fittings
  • Seals and mating parts wear each other
  • The oil temperature is too high during use, resulting in damage to the sealing material
hydraulic system

hydraulic system

We have analyzed that the main reasons for the leakage of the hydraulic system are the four points above.
Specifically, the 43 series and HY series hose fittings commonly used in construction machinery are prone to leakage due to long-term high-intensity vibration. In addition, High-pressure ball valves, quick couplings and other hydraulic connectors with sealing materials installed inside will cause leakage due to excessive high temperatures

Measures to solve the leakage in hydraulic system:

  • Measure 1: Installation surface and sealing surface should be reasonably designed.

Manufacturers of hydraulic accessories must ensure that there are no scratches on the surface of the accessories during the production process, and prevent damage to key surfaces from bumping during transportation.
At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the quality of production and fundamentally avoid potential safety hazards caused by leakage.

hydraulic system1

hydraulic system1

  • Measure 2: We should reduce strong shock and vibration during use, while shock-absorbing brackets and hose sheaths can be used to protect fittings and hoses.

we can replace tapered pipe thread fittings with straight thread fittings, tees and elbows.
A shock valve or accumulator can be installed on the equipment to reduce the shock during use and protect the hose fittings.

  • Measure 3: Dust-proof rings, protective covers and rubber sleeves can be used to prevent impurities such as abrasives and dust from entering the seal and wearing the seal.

The seal must be processed meeting the quality requirements, installed correctly, and used reasonablely.

  • Measure 4: Generally, for hydraulic fittings with seals, the design size of the seal groove must meet the requirements to prevent wear or leakage caused by the loosening of the seals during use.

Measure five: Different seals should be selected according to different environments.
The long-term work of the machine is likely to cause the temperature of the hydraulic oil to rise. Excessive oil temperature may cause damage to the seals, resulting in leakage.

The above are the points summarized by Gemco Hydraulics about the reasons for preventing hydraulic hoses and hydraulic fittings from leaking during the operation of the hydraulic system and the corresponding solutions



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