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Professional manufacturer of hydraulic connectors.

Gemco is dedicated to high-pressure hydraulic R&D, productionand sales, service provider for fluid system.

Gemco was focused on the production of high pressure ball valves With the detection and research of the needs of OEM customersfluid fields, Then Gemco started to provide hydraulic system solutions.A variety of products such as quick coupling, hydraulic hose assembly,steel pipe assembly etc.

We are One-stop service provider toglobal clients in the fields of hydraulic fluid.Gemco has passed IS09001: 2000. manufacturing and sellinghydraulic system parts Which are widely used in constructionmachinery, oil pipelines, metallurgy, mining, forest equipment, agricultural machinery, hydraulic machinery.

With the rapidding development, Gemco have production experience and advanced manufacture testing equipment to achieve maxi-mum automation. And unmanned operation of existing equipmentthrough confrontation continuous optimization of productionrequirements, we not only achieve Optimization of product delivery.but also in Boutique quality.

Gemco not only have a large scale of production and sales talents,but also have a large scale of senior technician. Gemco provide pro-sional products consultation and after-sales service for domesticand international customers.




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