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What are pipe clamps?

What are pipe clamps? What are the functions of clamps? A pipe clamp is a common hydraulic fitting in the hydraulic system.For example, it plays a very important role in the application of heavy machinery such as excavators and cranes.

Gemco hydraulic clamps are hydraulic components used to clamp tubes, pipes and hoses along hydraulic systems. The actual purpose of the clamp itself is to keep the hydraulic system stable. They help reduce shock and vibration from fluid flow. Gemco clamps have three series. They are light pipe clamps, heavy series and twin series.

The body of a clamp is made of polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA), aluminum (AL), and polypropylene (RI) with rubber inserts. Installation of Gemco pipe clamps is very simple as it only requires securing the clamp itself on a stable surface and wrapping the clamp tightly around the pipe to avoid any looseness.

Gemco clapms

Gemco clapms

light pipe clamps

Light clamps are typically used for installations with average or light loads and moderate vibration. This means that the workload should not be very high and the passing pressure is normal.
These clamps are ideal for piping in mobile equipment, machine tools and instrumentation in most cases.
The tube sizes that match the clamps are up to 4 inches with an outside diameter of 102mm

Heavy pipe Clamps

Heavy clamps are more suitable for high-load and high-vibration installations. Logically, this also means larger pipe sizes, so these heavy clamps are available for pipe sizes up to 406mm OD, 16″. Heavy pipe clamps suit for metal fabrication and mining equipment.

Twin series pipe clamps

Twin clamps are relatively small, because they are only suitable for pipes with an outer diameter of 42mm or less. They are made for installations with closely placed lines so it can be placed more efficiently than having two separate standard series clamps. This is mainly only suitable for general industrial use and moderate vibration applications that are close to light duty pipe clamps

Gecmo pipe clamps

Gecmo pipe clamps

About the installation of hydraulic clamps, we have introduced them in previous articles, and you are welcome to leave us a message for consultation at any time, and Gemco will contact you as soon as possible.

We will provide customers with different solutions according to their different installation environment and installation requirements. In order to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system, our products will go through one after another testing procedures during the production process to ensure the best interests of customers and ensure that there will be no breakdowns during use.

Gecmo Fluid provides customers all over the world with hydraulic hose connectors, adaptors, quick couplings, high pressure ball valves and clamps and other hydraulic accessories, and whole-heartedly serve hydraulic fluid customers all over the world.

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