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73 Series/

16A73 SAE Code 62 Flange Hydraulic Fitting

16A73 SAE Code 62 Flange Hydraulic Fitting
71 Series Fittings

SAE Code 62 Flange Head
ISO 12151-3 – S – S


Own Brand: Gemco


Executive Standard:Parker Standard

Optional Material:Carbon steel, 304, 316

Thread Form:Metric, US, Imperial

Stripping Form:NO-SKIVE

Fitting Advantage:Simple and easy to operate, reduce labor costs

Use with hose:EN 856 4SH

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GEMCO is a hydraulic system products factory integrating R&D, production, wholesale and sales. It provides the production, testing and delivery of high pressure ball valves hydraulic hoses assembly, quick coupling, connectors, assemblies and other industrial partes for various hydraulic demand fields domestic and abroad. One-stop service with high quality and fast delivery is available.




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