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Application of quick couplings

The application of quick couplings can be roughly divided into hydraulic quick couplings and pneumatic quick couplings.

Application of hydraulic quick couplings

hydraulic quick coupling

hydraulic quick coupling

This product is widely used in construction equipment, forest equipment. Agricultural machinery, hydraulic tools, oilfield equipment, iron and steel equipment, mining hydraulic tools, hydraulic fluid pipelines, chemical equipment, hydraulic jack components, hydraulic pipeline accessories. High-pressure washing equipment, carpet cleaning equipment, cooling line applications, food processing, fluid dye production lines, automotive industry, mining industry, paper mills, refuse compressor applications, road compressors, factory hydraulic systems, oil well drilling equipment in steel mills, power take off units, cryogenic engineering, drilling tools, rescue equipment and high pressure power units.

Application of pneumatic quick couplings

pneumatic quick couplings

pneumatic quick couplings

Automobile industry, steel manufacturing, metallurgical industry, medical equipment, dental equipment, chemical industry, shipbuilding industry

cooling system, flow and control equipment, mechanical equipment.textile industry, compressor, engineering support, pneumatic tools, hose support, injection molding assembly line support and hydraulic machinery.

Gemco Hydraulics has many years of experience in the production of quick connectors, and the product quality is reliable. It is a high-quality manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic products.

We can provide a series of hydraulic products such as quick couplings, high pressure ball valves, hydraulic fittings, hose assemblies and accessories, please feel free to consult.

Welcome to consult the product brochure of Gecmo quick coupling for detailed information.




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